Intelligent, Adaptive, responsive


Your CardioGuru software listen's to each beat of your heart via a bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (HRM).

Heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate  metric to understand how your body is responding to exercise. This is how we ensure we get accurate data about your body both in real time and by analysing targeted fitness markers that the software tracks, records, reviews and then responds to.

Don't worry your pocket coach will never leave you out from this info!

You get to see all your data through live data feeds on three workout screens including:

  • bpm target per interval 
  • Kcal/min & fat/min burn rate,
  • net kcal burn, % MHR, % VO2 max
  • % time spend in targeted zone via live bar charts
  • Kcal burn per interval, % Kcal target achieved 
  • which fuel you are electing as energy 
  • expert real time coaching, helping to keep you in the zone!

 All your post workout data is stored in both your personal history folder on the app,  and via your Core Control. If that was not enough you can select for the app to automatically email a full performance report to either yourself or your personal trainer immediately upon completing a workout!

By applying both the latest scientifically proven protocols and formula alongside the extensive practical experience of our fitness experts, Your CardioGuru is the first fitness app to successfully dynamically code software that can intelligently set individual fitness assessments, optimal training zones and workout targets that get harder as the user gets fitter whilst allowing for recovery and applying a safe approach to both training and fat loss.

At the heart of Your CardioGuru lies an advanced approach to targeted heart rate training that has been so extensively tested, that in fact we are the most tested fitness app in beta history, and have seen some truly inspirational improvements in both fat loss and increased fitness by our beta testers.

Of the many leading personal trainers, fitness professionals, doctors, celebrities , and public at large who have tested and used Your CardioGuru, the one comment we get the most:


This is not an app, this is a real "fat loss and fitness training tool" that delivers statically proven results from targeted heart rate training.