Progressive Challenge & Pacemaker Features

How to get the most from your Cardio Guru

A key feature of the "Your Cardio Guru "and one that also sets it apart from other fitness Apps, is it's ability to apply "individualised, effective and safe progressive challenge to all workouts via CardioSmart Training Logic". This ensures the user is pushed just enough in every workout to cause a positive physical response by the body. In other words the logic has assisted "progress".

The best way to demonstrate this feature of the app is to highlight a recent workout I completed thus showing first hand how effective this app can "coach" the user to reach both the workout target and move closer to the overall fitness objective.

As part of my present fitness conditioning program I incorporate four 45-90 min.  high volume workouts a week to help increase stamina and endurance.  

In this example my workout was a 60 min VO2 builder, with a training intensity range of 75-100% of VO2 max over 2 intervals. The screen to the right is the training overview screen. Pressing one of the titles will expand the field showing more content. You will notice a calorie target. This is unique to each user. When I developed this app my main objective was that each training element and target would be tailored to each user. This is what I call "CardioSmart" logic.

Now when you tap the "workout data" button the app it will direct you to the screen to the left titled "workout progressive challenge". The starting target is the first unique target the app sets the user against for that workout. When the user returns to repeat that workout the app will have access to the training performance data of the previous attempts and begin to "respond" to how the user is performing in the workout. 

CardioSmart Logic 

Now by using each user's individual fitness assessment data (height, age, weight, BF%  VO2 Score RHR, MHR) alongside training analytics and performance data the software will safely and smartly install "progressive challenge" into each repeated workout. 

Progressive Challenge is an accepted, essential and vital training protocol to force adaption upon the body. It must be included in all training programs. 

CardioSmart logic however does not stop at the basics. I have also factored HRV and recovery into consideration, with the app asking the user before each session "key core" questions about the users' perceived energy and mood levels alongside blood glucose activity (fed state). The software then "looks" at the users' performance analytics, VO2 score, fitness activity over the past 7 days and enters all this data into a matrix logic I've developed that then gives a "progressive challenge" percentage increase from 0-4 %. It is worth noting here each users kcal burn rate is also uniquely formulated. (explained in a future blog)

Now if you notice my workout PB was 1361 kcal's and the software set me a further 4% progressive challenge stimuli making my workout target 1415 Kcal's.

CardioGuru Pacemaker to get you across the finishing line in 1st place! 

So my target for this session was a whopping 1415 Kcal's. This target factors the workout training zones and intensity markers, unique to the user, which work in harmony with the user's unique kcal burn rate and the volume (time) of the workout. Basically the workout target is mathamatically achievable! 

Now different types of workouts have different training effects which also configure how both the real time coaching and fitness markers respond within the workouts.

For instance a workout where the desired training effect is   "optimal fat oxidation" so that fat is the primary fuel source elected, the software sets' an upper training threshold limit so that the user does not start to train too intense and therefore trigger an anaerobic training effect. The active real time coaching function will "coach down the user" when they train too hard, but also the CardioSmart Logic will have limited the kcal target figures, progressive challenge approach and the pacemaker. 

However on a HIIT workout there are no "upper limits" on the push intervals. The software will target 85% of MHR however if the user trains at 92% of MHR they will burn more kcal's.

Set the pace - how to use the pacemaker

So the screen (right) is a screen shot from my workout. What it shows is a interval target of 188 bpm (my entry Vo2 Max 3 pace) current workout net kcal burn of 588 kcal's and a live heart rate of 197 bpm. 

Now note the "Pacemaker" which is telling me to train at 197 bpm. This is well above the workout training zone target of 188 bpm because my progressive challenge element has been so great. Therefore I need to be at least 188 bpm to be training at the minimum intensity to meet the training effect target for that interval, however that pace will not offer enough of a kcal burn rate for me to hit my targeted 1415 kcal's.

Therefore with the assistance of the real time expert coach feature shouting instructions into my earpiece, I must dig deeper and push harder during this part of the workout, and train at a min pace of 197 bpm so that I force a higher cellular demand upon my metabolism.

My body has only two options. Crash and burn. or Respond, adapt, improve and win.

As the workout screenshot to my left shows with just under 2 mins remaining I reach 1427 kcal's, my target has been reached and the pacemaker re calibrates to 0.

The result

As you can see from the screen shot to the right I beat the challenge but dam it I have a bigger target to hit the next time I select the VO2 60 Fitness Builder Workout!!!

Hand on heart I have been testing and using the app now for over 2 years and have found this feature has offered considerable benefit in keeping me motivated and accountable to applying continued challenge upon my workouts, resulting in  increased fitness ability and sustained fat loss. 

Your CardioGuru is built to challenge you. To constantly improve greater challenge needs to be placed upon the body. Therefore the software uses #CardioSmart progressive logic via targeted heart rate training to add % increases to each repeated workout's net kcal targets.
This progressive challenge is always placed upon the body in a safe and smart way. #CardioSmart will analyze your individual analytics, your fitness level, how you are feeling on the day and if you have achieved your previous session kcal target.