Built for accuracy


During a workout Your CardioGuru monitors your live performance taking recorded measurements every 20th of a second against key analytical markers. Expect 3 live performance workout screens displaying live data feeds which include; 

  • Live net session calorie burn, using your individual kcal burn rate.
  • Live bpm, average & highest workout heart rate.
  • Live % of max heart rate.
  • Live % heart rate target achieved & net kcal burn per interval. 
  • Live % of your VO2 Max.
  • Live average session training intensity ( ave% VO2 Max ).
  • Live individualised estimate of grams of fat expended. 
  • Individualised EPOC estimate.
  • Live % of session kcal target achieved.
  • Live bpm target per interval based on individualised training zones.
  • Live dynamic bpm pace maker using your unique analytics.