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Supporting Network


Your CardioGuru provides an amazing supporting network for each app user. We aim to give you everything needed so that you understand the apps features and eventually gain the core knowledge needed to understand how the body reacts, responds and improves under differing training intensities and variables used on CardioGuru and in training.

Expect real time intuitive educational guidance throughout the app usage. As different key features on the app are entered and even protocols, the use of ‘coach advise’ pop up's provide useful and insightful descriptions and explanations.

Information buttons are also available giving a break down summary with descriptions for each page and features on the app. Before entering a workout, expect a workout overview page where a full workout description can be read that breaks down the workout requirements, the training effect, recommended fed/fasted and the best training tools to complete the workout.

If the app indicates any confusion on a key element of the app, for example the fitness assessment, the user will be fired out an educational and instructional email to their CardioGuru registered account. We know how good the app is and how effectively it can assist reaching fitness goals, so we ensure each key element is understood and therefore optimised. 

Going one step further for all registered Cardio Guru’s. Get the best of CardioGuru delivered right to your inbox. Our daily, weekly and monthly newsletters will bring you up to speed on literally everything to do with health, fitness, fat loss, cardio and HIIT training with great explanations, insights, coaching tips, raw science and recommendations on literally everything to do with health, fitness, fat loss, cardio and HIIT training. 



New to cardiovascular exercise, targeted heart rate training, HIIT or even returning from a serious illness or injury? The CardioGuru Starter training plans *CardioGuru Pro will guide each user to cardio efficiency and condition the body for all workouts on the app.

CardioGuru starter plans will help each user firstly establish a starting fitness level with a 15 minute non invasive fitness test. From this point the training plan will increase the users fitness baseline level and the body’s conditioning to targeted fat burning, VO2 Max and HIIT.

The training plans are safe and smart by not working users harder than what is safe for their fitness level. With baseline establishment, users will have personalized targeted heart rate training zones and session energy expenditure target so that workouts are fully tailored and user specific. 

The training plans first set a moderate progressive training intensity target between 45-55% VO(2R). The use of FatMax intensity will start to teach your body to use fat as fuel and also increase fitness. Workouts will start with the FatMax intensity-training zone.

The training plan will track improvements by offering regular fitness tests whilst using the data to help set higher training intensity targets and help motivate each user. With achievements of upper landmark targets during the fitness tests, progressions will be added moving the user onto starter HIIT workouts helping improve athletic physical performance, improve your glucose metabolism and change the body’s ability to burn body fat.

A CardioGuru starter plan follows the ACSM’s recommendation on increasing fitness levels and losing body fat in a safe and efficient manner. This plan is purposely designed to give you a significant improvement in cardiovascular fitness and also follows the ACSM’s recommendation of a weekly net expenditure target, with progression in later weeks whilst adopting the methodology by Swain et al of targeting exercise intensity based on % VO(2R) to ensure an equivalent relative intensity for individuals of different fitness levels.