Tracking every workout so we can respond ...

The software binds around your individual analytics, having tens of thousands of options to every possible condition of Cardio and HIIT training. This enables the software to...

  • Change targets based solely upon your analytics.
  • Set and realign targeted heart rate training zones so fat loss and building fitness is always optimized.
  • Recommend and adjust daily fat kcal deficit targets to ensure fat loss and never unhealthy weight loss is always achieved.
  • Set safe and smart progressive challenges to your workouts to ensure you keep improving through constant stimuli being placed upon your body.
  • Embed safety precautions to give you the comfort that you will never be pushed harder than what is healthy for you.
  • Offer real time expert audio coaching to ensure better-controlled targeted heart rate training intensity is achieved.
  • Provide accurate live performance data feeds including Vo2 training intensity, net kcal torch, amount of fat burned, heart rate intensity achieved and post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Its time to change the way you train.