10 min fitness assessment  

Your CardioGuru is not like other fitness apps on the market that are built using hardcore static coding that can only give you pre-determined responses to pre coded variables resulting in you receiving generic workouts, recommendations, and standard non motivational solutions to your fitness goals.

            Fitness Assessment Logic

By applying both the latest scientifically proven protocols and formula alongside the extensive practical experience of our fitness experts, Your CardioGuru is the first fitness app to successfully dynamically code software that can intelligently set individual fitness assessments, optimal training zones and workout targets that get harder as the user gets fitter whilst allowing for recovery and applying a safe approach to both training and fat loss.

At the heart of Your CardioGuru lies an advanced approach to targeted heart rate training that has been so extensively tested, that in fact we are the most tested fitness app in beta history, and have seen some truly inspirational improvements in both fat loss and increased fitness by our beta testers.

Our unique dynamic coding approach starts with every user of Your CardioGuru taking a simple, easy to follow 10 min fitness assessment. This helps give the software the ability to adapt so it can accommodate for all fitness levels and fitness aspirations by establishing a "fitness baseline" that is unique and specific to each user.

The software always keeps your baseline up to date from both your performance data and by prompting you every 7 days to update key metrics like weight and body fat percentages, whilst inviting you to take fitness tests like "The Cooper Test" which are built into the app.

Another key feature of our software is that it has been formally recognised by the U.K. government as "a scientific and technological advancement in software development" and its ability to factor, monitor and make training zone and workout target adjustments for the "real life" physiological elements faced by non professional athletes that can often have an impact upon our fitness baseline i.e. "work stress, financial commitments, illness, travel, lack of sleep etc..."

It is this unique approach that then gives your pocket CardioGuru coach the ability to accurately set user specific training zones, workout targets and apply progressive challenge to your training plans, just like you would find being applied by good PT's or sports coaches.


Its time to change the way you train.