An Intelligent Software Approach .


We want to fundamentally change the way that people think about their health, fitness, nutrition, and real time metabolism.

Enter the world's first clinically validated health monitoring and fitness coaching software engineered with AI machine learning ....


We have developed real time, validated health monitoring and fitness training software that guides you with user specific sub-symbolic representations, to measured increases in fitness ability and healthier body composition levels.

Our software is driven by unsurpassed levels of knowledge, expertise, passion and clinically validated  “accuracy of data”.

By embracing automation and one of its enablers, artificial intelligence, we have developed software that offers measurable physiological and health benefits that can be received across communities.

iHealth helps you live healthier by giving you actionable insights into how your physical activity benefits your overall health.


After 4 years in R & D, with support from the EU Innovation Scheme, The University of Lincoln and the U.K. Government, alongside over 600 TestFight builds, we have the most tested, accurate and innovative health and fitness apps in the history of the App Store. 

Our  scientifically supported approach to bio-metric health monitoring and cardiovascular training will be offered in the worlds most accurate and intelligent health monitoring app for the Apple Watch series 3, and a dynamic, engaging, motivational real time coaching fitness app for the iPhone 6, 7 , 8 and X.


Machine Learning Software .

Innovative & Scientifically Supported .


Cutting edge innovation, beautifully designed screens and validated health and fitness data. 






By applying a radical approach to innovation, with a focus on predictive, preventive, personalised, and participatory coding logic, we have developed the worlds most advanced and only “true health monitoring and fitness training tool in an app”....


Preview of the most accurate, innovative and only clinically validated health monitoring and fitness coaching software ever developed. With the announcement this week by Apple of their new iPhone 8 and iPhone X with ultra powerful new processors and neural networks , we are at last able to showcase our machine learning algorithms....

Our software will "learn" each user's habits, lifestyle, health metrics and "adjust" the science protocols and approaches which although accepted as "proven" can never entirely be applicable to the "entire global human population" ...

Our software will learn each user's unique genetic, celluar and cardio respiratory elements and "adjust" the current , most respected science protocols to give a " more specific " solution / approach / guide to health, fitness and wellbeing. 

The future of health and fitness software is upon us....