Updated 1st September 2017


Your privacy is critically important to us, and we at iHEALTH Technology Ltd (iHEALTH) have a duty of care to protect the data we hold on you, and ensure we are always transparent and responsible with how we use the data of our members.

 (“iHEALTH”) have a few fundamental principles:

  • We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it so that our software can use it to directly benefit you.


  • We will never sell, share or disclose your personal information with anyone outside of (iHEALTH) except to comply with the law, develop our products and services, conduct clinical trials, data verification or research with our partnered universities, or protect our rights.


  • We treat your personal information with the highest regard to protection, privacy and security.


(iHEALTH) respects your right to privacy and shares your concern about the security of any data you may submit to (iHEALTH)  via (iHEALTH)’s websites and related services (the “Site”), currently accessible at www.ihealth-apps.com.

The following statement (the “Privacy Policy”) discloses the guidelines (iHEALTH)  has established for protecting the information you provide to (iHEALTH) during your visit to the Site.

The Site is owned, operated, and maintained by:

IHEALTH Technology Ltd . 
LN6 3QP 

E-mail support@ihealth-apps.com




1.1            Personally Identifiable Information.

(iHEALTH) collects information from users   upon their initial  “health assessment” on the iTRAINU or iTRAINU + Apps. The health assessment formally enrols the user into “Registration” and a user then becomes a “Registered User”.


1.2            Data Collection.

Upon Registration, certain user data is collected in several ways (the “Registration Information”)


1.3            Mandatory Information.


Certain information has to be given by a user in order to register for (iHEALTH) Products:


·       Email address;

·       First and last name;

·       Gender;

·       Birthday.


1.4            Optional Information.

Certain information (biometric markers) is optional during Registration and can also be added or deleted later on by the user, such as:


·       Personal Information:

·       Address (street, postcode, city, country);

·       Profile picture;

·       Family status;

·       Height

·       Weight

·       Occupation

·       Medical history


·       Reason and Motivation:

·       Sports level (Starter, Casual, Regular, Addicted, Elite, Athlete);

·       Description;

·       Target


·       Contact information:

·       Phone

·       Website

·       Skype

·       Next of Kin

·       Doctor




Known as “Biometric Data” “Health Monitoring Data” “Adaptive Data”. After Registration different types of data are collected by (iHEALTH) such as:


Biometric Data


·       Resting Heart Rate

·       Body Fat Percentage

·       Heart Rate Max

·       VO2 Max Score

·       spO2

·       Insulin Activity

·       Fed State (Fasted, Low Insulin, Fed)

·       Energy Levels

·       Alcohol Intake

·       Perception of Feelings

·       Perception of Stress

·       Location Data

·       Calories

·       Training Volume

·       Activities (e.g. distance)

·       Type of Exercise Equipment

·       Routes

·       Photos

·       Live Tracking


Health Monitoring Data


·       Continuous Pulse (HR.)

·       Resting.HR

·       Blood Pressure

·       SpO2

·        Sleep

·       Model Type of Heart Rate Monitor Used

·       Activity of HRM (Measurements)

·       ECG Heart Rate Data

·       HRV Data

·       Medicine Intake

·       Heart Rate Recovery

·       Distance

·       Pace

·       Activity & Movement

·       Location

·       Work Time at Desk

·       Cycling (distance/speed/Cadence)

·       Model Type of Heart Rate Monitor Used


Adaptive Data


We will extract authorised data markers and apply them into formula and algorithms that have been internally tested by (iHEALTH) and or verified by external professional medical institutions, university research departments or clinical trials.


(iHEALTH) apply algorithms through artificial intelligence coding logic. This means (iHEALTH) will predict and make health and fitness assumptions about each individual user from the continuous feeds of (authorised) live data.


(iHEALTH) software will automatically apply algorithmic assumptions and predictions into the “actionable” function and settings features of it’s app’s, so that each user is set individualised physiological challenge / stimuli / targets/ recovery, i.e. “The workout “Kcal target”, “FatMax training zone” “Kcal.burn/min rate”


Actionable function and settings features are intelligently updated in real time without update number restriction, via AI software coding that has been developed with a logic sequence that ensures each user receives safe, and optimally derived actionable requests under the following physiological parameters:


·       Fitness Capacity Prediction (estimation of VO2 Max)

·       Max. Heart Rate Estimate

·       Prediction of Body Fat Percentage

·       Prediction of Fat-Ox Threshold

·       Prediction of Anaerobic Threshold

·       Estimation of Net Energy Expenditure

·       Estimation of Fat Expenditure

·       Estimation of Energy Ratio During a Workout

·       Estimation of % of VO2 Intensity

·       Estimation of EPOC

·       Prediction of Kcal Burn / min

·       Prediction of Fat Burn / min

·       Progressive Challenge Training Load Prediction

·       Prediction of Workout Kcal Target

·       Estimation of Max.HR Factoring Bio-Metric Baseline Changes +/-

·       Estimation of VO2 Max Factoring Bio-Metric Baseline Changes +/-

·       Estimation of RQ Factoring Bio-Metric Baseline Changes +/-

·       Estimation of Available Energy Source (Training Fuel)

·       Prediction of VO2 Max Score from The Cooper Test

·       Prediction of VO2 Max Score from The Hunt 3 Test

·       Prediction of VO2 Max Score from The EK-BAK Test

·       Prediction of Workout Selection

·       Prediction of HR. Rate Recovery

·       Prediction of Mean Arterial Pressure

·       Prediction of Pulse Pressure

·       Prediction of RHR Classification

·       Prediction of Standing Biometric Baseline

·       Estimation of Daily Steps

·       Estimation of Sleep Duration

·       Estimation of Total Heart Beats

·       Prediction of Biological Age

·       Estimation of HRM Accuracy


3.0           SHARING OF USER DATA


(iHEALTH) will never sell, lease or disclose user data with the exception of the company changing ownership.


In the future, we may sell to, buy, merge with, or partner with other businesses. In such transactions, user information may be among the transferred assets.


Confidentiality and Security. (iHEALTH)  deems all user information confidential and does not disclose such information without the express informed consent of the user. (iHEALTH) has implemented reasonable security policies and procedures designed to protect user information.


Registration. With Registration, the user explicitly agrees that (iHEALTH) shall have the right to use all collected personally identifiable information, for purposes of the (iHEALTH) products and generally agrees with this Privacy Policy.


Express Terms. (iHEALTH) implements all reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorized access by third parties to saved details. However Access at times is given under the following circumstances:


·       (iHEALTH) transfers information of Registered Users to (i) other health and fitness services, such as Wattbike or Moves, after Registered Users explicitly consent to the transfer when they connect to such services; and (ii) vendors, service providers, and other partners such as Google Analytics, Emarsys, or Adjust, New Relic, Amazon Web Services (AWS), who help (iHEALTH) to provide and improve its services, such as providing technical infrastructure services or analyzing how the services perform or how they are used.


·       Sensitive Data within the meaning of the Data Legislation, such as heart rate data, will never be shared with advertisers or similar agencies.


·       The user explicitly consents to the storage and use of non-personally identifiable information for purposes of newsletter marketing or on Runtastic.com by (iHEALTH) or its partners. Registered Users may also opt out of advertising through a mechanism on the ihealth-apps.com platform



·       Transmission and/or use of data within the (iHEALTH) group is permitted. (iHEALTH) is authorised to receive information from, and shares information with, its affiliates, agents, and business partners in the (iHEALTH)  group, e.g. Raw FuelLtd. The User Information shared with this group is aggregated data compiled from the information that it collects from Registered Users. We may use the information we receive from the group, and they may use the information we share with them, to help operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our services and their offerings


·       Heart Rate Monitor. Personal health information collected and stored by (iHEALTH), and subsequently shared by the user via Heart Rate Monitor, may not be protected under the American Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


·       We require to conduct clinical trials, data verification or research work with our partnered universities to help with product development or to gain a better understanding of the habits, fitness ability and health status of our members.


·       That we are required to do so by law; such as in response to a court order or subpoena.


·       We find you are in breach of our terms and conditions or any of our policies or usage guidelines for specific products or services.


·       Prevent, investigate, detect or prosecute criminal offenses or attacks on the technical integrity of the Site or (iHEALTH)’s network;





Privacy Settings. Every user can change the privacy settings applicable to his or her account for (iHEALTH) Products.


First name, last name, and avatar can be seen by external members of the public.


General. In this way, the user can decide for different categories (e.g. profile data, activities, maps, trainings plans, etc.), who can see their user Information that has been collected:


·       All users

·       Friends

·       Nobody.


The default privacy settings are set to “nobody” for all users. (iHEALTH) employees have access to user data but in controlled and logged conditions.


Exceptions. If the user invites a coach to their profile, then the following information is visible to the users authorised coach and cannot be set to “nobody” in the privacy settings:


·       Personal Information, Biometric Data, Adaptive Data and Performance History Data.


·       Live Tracking. The iCOACHU APP Includes a "Live Tracking" feature (“Live Tracking”), which enables the authorised coach to see the route and data, including heart rate/ Speed/ Distance of such user's sports activity in real time.


Live Tracking can only be either activated or deactivated for all users. Coach Authorisation is deactivated by default and can be activated by a user at his or her own discretion only.


By activating coaching feature, the user accepts the responsibility for such activation at his or her own risk. If the user does not want to give all access to his or her coach then the iCOACHU feature should not be activated.





iHEALTH) Products use Google Analytics, a web analysis service by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses 'cookies’. The information about your visit collected by the cookies, including your IP address, is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and saved there. To the extent that iHEALTH) have activated IP anonymization, Google first abbreviates your IP address within member states of the European Union or in other signatory states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area.


Only in exceptional cases, will the full IP address be transferred to a Google server in the USA or Asia and abbreviated there. Google will use the information collected on behalf of the website operator to evaluate your use of (iHEALTH) Products, to compile reports about your activities within (iHEALTH) Products, and to provide further services to (iHEALTH) related to use of the (iHEALTH) Products and Internet use.


Google will under no circumstances associate the IP address transmitted by your browser within the operations of Google Analytics with other Google data.


You can prevent the data related to your use of the (iHEALTH) platform, including your IP address, generated by the cookies from being recorded by Google and Google's processing of this data by downloading and installing the browser plugin from the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en.


Furthermore, you can prevent the future data capture by setting an Opt Out-Cookie via the following link: Deactivate Google Analytics Further information regarding terms of use and privacy provisions may be found on thewebsites http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html and https://www.google.de/intl/en/policies/. The (iHEALTH) Products expanded the Google Analytics-Service with the “anonymizeIP”-Code to anonymize the user’s IP-address.




In case of a termination of the Registered User’s account


All personal details provided by the user upon Registration shall be deactivated.


Any details made public by the user, e.g., routes, notes on other Registered Users’ walls, will be (i) anonymized, i.e., it will be made clear that such details were provided by a deleted user, or (ii) deleted, in the event of cancellation, within thirty days.


Upon the Registered User’s request, all User Information not required for (iHEALTH) performance of contractual obligations or compliance with statutory retention obligations, shall be irrevocably deleted. The user shall request such deletion by email sent to1@ihealth-apps.com, which shall include the email address provided to (iHEALTH) upon Registration, or via the website. (iHEALTH) will comply with such requests within twenty one days and maintain a record of the deletion for one year after the deletion.


7.0           YOUR CONSENT


By using our site or apps as a non-registered user, you consent to our privacy policy only for those areas not subject to Registration. Please also visit our Terms and Conditions section establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website and apps.