Dynamic HIIT Workouts

We advise you watch in a landscape view. A tutorial to explain how to optimally train with Dynamic HIIT.



 The 1st user responsive HIIT workout


What we noticed during the beta testing stage of this app, was that many users are experiencing heart rate lag during HIIT sessions. That means the heart rate does not appear to respond from effort until you enter the next interval zone.

This in part is because many of you are not experienced enough in the correct way to employ HIIT training, plus the laws of physics dictate “heart rate cannot inform the intensity of physical loads performed above the speed/power of VO2 max in real time. There is a lag”.

So we have devised is a solution: Dynamic HIIT.

• Lets take a 30 push 30 rest HIIT workout. We exclude a total workout time (will explain) but instead focus on completion of rounds. This workout (example) has 5 rounds of 30 s push 30 s rest.

• After the first interval countdown, you will be targeted to enter the 1st push interval as normal for 30 seconds at 85 % MHR. However, the 30-second countdown will not start until you enter your personalized push zone bpm. Once you reach the correct training intensity, the 30 sec interval counter will then start. If you drop outside of the zone the interval counter remains counting i.e. it does not adjust further.

• At the end of the 30 sec push zone, the app does a normal interval countdown 54321,  but again you will be forced to respond and lower your heart rate to the rest interval ( i.e. 110 bpm) target before the interval countdown starts.

*The workout only ends when all rounds are completed.

The software tracks:

• Workout total duration.

You can monitor and grade your workout performance by completing workouts quicker as HR efficiency increases. We will also have a league table of all CardioGuru users and see who can complete the rounds the quickest to give the fastest workout time!

• Mean ave. time to enter rest intervals & mean ave. time to enter push intervals.

 This will help track HR efficiency.

Its time to train to win.....