Welcome Back Data

This screen acts as a reminder of how well you performed in your last training session and presents you with a number of statistics and key performance analytics. 

There is also a accumulative reading of the estimated total fat burn you have achieved using the “Your CardioGuru Fitness App”

Your Last Session

The date of your last completed CardioGuru workout.

Performance Circle

Total Net Kcal Burn 

Net calorie burn is the amount of calories burned only in the workout duration, this is a key performance marker in gauging true energy expenditure during each training session. 

Heart Rate Session Intensity 

Heart rate session intensity figure represents the total percentage time your heart rate was performing inside the recommended heart rate training intensity zones. This figure is representative of only (work/push) intervals.

V02 Training Intensity

The app establishes the live training V02  intensity by listening to your heart beat and then applying scientific formula.

We predict the live training VO2 by simply re-engineering the 

The Swain equation: 


% VO2max = (%HRmax – 37)/.64
Exercise heart rate/Max HR = % HRmax 

Using the example MHR 200 and 188 BPM
188bpm/200bpm = 94% 

When the HRmax percentage is placed into the  re-engineered equation, the value reflects the actual Percentage of VO2 max being used for work. 

(94-37)/.64  = 89/90% VO2 max 

This software records each beat of the heart every second. Thus V02 Training Intensity is the average of all these live  markers that are recorded throughout the workout thereby giving you an overall workout training intensity figure indication.

Total App Fat Burn

Accumulated from all completed workouts with CardioGuru. This figure displays how much fat you have burnt using the app. 

Your Last Workout

View the shaded banner to see an array of key performance analytics taken from your last session including.

Workout Title

The name of the workout which you last completed. 


The time length of the workout. 

Ave Kcal & Ave Fat Burn Rate Per Minute

Taken over the entire workout, we calculate your personalized ave. kcal per min and fat burn per minute rate.

Max & Ave Heart Rate 

Max Heart Rate is the highest beats per minute you achieved during the workout and ave. heart rate is the mean average of each beat recorded from every second of the workout total.